Ford is Making Progress on Driverless Cars

Ford has a plan to develop autonomous vehicles and according to Ken Washington, Ford VP of Research and Advanced Engineering, they are making “great progress” on reaching their goal in 2021. Washington also insists that Ford isn’t interested in being the first automaker with an autonomous vehicle, but rather being the automaker to offer autonomous vehicles which are compatible and useful to the average driver.


To accomplish this task, Ford purchased a majority stake in developer Argo AI, a company founded by Google’s car veteran Bryan Salesky and Uber engineer Peter Rander. Argo AI will be developing the brains of Ford’s autonomous vehicle in a way to make it a good fit with the consumers who buy Ford cars. Because of this, Washington states that Ford isn’t too concerned about where their competitors are with autonomous vehicle development.

Ken Washington has also assumed the role of chief technology officer for Ford under CEO Jim Hackett. He assumed that role along with his VP assignment after joining Ford from Lockheed Martin in 2014. Along with the newly acquired Argo AI, Ford also has an in-house development group labeled Ford Smart Mobility. Washington says that all groups are needed because autonomous vehicles are really the sum of three parts — the robotics, the physical vehicle, and the systems that integrate them together. Washington also announced that Ford has created teams to drive robotics and artificial intelligence under the Research and Advanced Engineering umbrella. In this way Ford has developed a comprehensive plan to offer an autonomous vehicle to the consumer market by 2021.

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