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NY Preowned Ford Dealer Blog

Top Reasons Why Every Driver Should Drive Safely

One can easily find different types of drivers on the road, from elderly to teenagers who just received their license. But, earning a license does not mean that everyone has common sense and drive responsibly when behind the wheels.

Every year the number of vehicles on the roads is rising, and the traffic can be extremely congested during the rush hours. Thus, it is important to focus on driving the car and not be too distracted with your smartphone. You should keep your smartphone away in your bag and out of sight to avoid any accident.

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Benefits of Proactive Battery Treatment

Why maintenance and repairs matter:
If you're like most folks, your car is reliable and gets you where you need to go. A factor that you must take into consideration, even with the most reliable cars, is that maintenance or repairs are sometimes necessary. One of the most common issues is needing to replace or repair the battery. Although you can certainly get a "jump," the time spent finding someone to help you and the safety factor should be considered.

The dangers of neglecting maintenance and repair:
Having your car battery diagnosed as a preventative measure, or at the…
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Making your journey easier with FordPass!

Patchogue FordPass | New York New & Used Cars

Ford has always been associated with cutting edge technology and innovations that can help improve your driving experience. The FordPass app is the latest measure in this effort. The app makes things easier for you, the ford owner. If you love the engineering perfection and reliability that the brand Ford implies, you will love what FordPass can do for you...

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2017 Ford Fusion

The 2017 Ford Fusion is the ideal vehicle for those who want a car with a quiet cabin that is great on gas mileage. The vehicle is affordable (around $23,485), comes in several colors, and has a sophisticated, modern look that is sure to impress.

The highest speed for the vehicle is 131 miles per hour, and the Fusion can go from 0 to 60 in just over five seconds. The Fusion also provides 26 miles per gallon for traveling on the highway and 17 miles per gallon for local driving. All models of the Fusion come with six-speed…
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For a Safe & Durable Truck Choose The 2016 Ford F-150!

NY 2016 Ford F-150 | New York Car Dealer

The 2016 Ford F-150 has just completed its latest transformation to become leaner and more improved in a variety of ways. There will be no more hassle when you are on the lookout for a capable pickup truck in New York that fulfills all your needs and more. Its highest tow rating, best gasoline fuel economy, the biggest payload in the half-ton segment and its switching to an all-aluminum body is sure to reap enormous benefits.

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Smooth Transitions with the Ford Transit Connect

Are you in search of something that could make your home and work life just a little easier? Why not come into our dealership and test drive a 2017 Ford Transit Connect? It has plenty of cargo space and the passenger backseats can be folded down into that writing surface you always seem to need when you're on the go! When you're with the family, you'll have room for up to six or seven passengers!

The 2017 Transit Connect also has SYNC 3 so you can give voice commands to find whatever you may need. Don't…
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