Like to keep your car in the sparkling, like-new condition you took it home in? So do we.

At Stevens 112 Ford we have an expert service center that can help. We provide all of your maintenance needs right here at the dealership.

But, for the maximum longevity of your Ford, we recommend regular cleaning, too.

Keep your car's dashboard clean, dust and lint-free, using these coffee filter tips. Plus, you can use a cheap paint brush to sweep the dust out of your air conditioner and heating vents.

After you sweep all the dust off your dash, car care experts recommend using a kitchen oil, such as olive oil, to condition the leather on your dashboard. It helps maintain to quality of the materials and prevent dust from building up again too soon.

What about those parts of the car where dirty shoes rub all day? Simply take the floor mats out of the car and, shake off the loose dirt, spray them with a stain remover, and toss them into the washing machine. Air dry and they're good as new.

With regular maintenance and proper care, you can ensure your Ford from Stevens 112 lasts you a long time.

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